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Imagine trying to run before you could walk, or surf before you could swim. You could probably get by, but it certainly wouldn't be ideal. Analytics enablement and integration is no different; that’s why we’ve designed our services to follow a proven process across the three fundamental pillars of Data Mining, Advanced Analytics, and Reporting & Visualization. We call this our Analytics Integration (Ai) Framework.

Regardless of where you are on the analytics maturity curve, our engagements always begin with a data readiness assessment where we get a better understanding of how your data is structured, where it’s stored, and how it’s accessed. This lays the groundwork for a streamlined inflow of data to the next pillar; Advanced Analytics.


Here, we work with your team to deliver the most applicable analytics solution to the problem. We don’t build AI algorithms – nobody should. There are a plethora of validated algorithms already available which can handle almost every business problem. Our objective is to help design the methodology and deliver a solution that meets your needs.


Now that we’ve got clean data flowing into an analytics solution, our Reporting & Visualization pillar helps package it up into an easily consumable and interactive visualization, simulation, optimization or reporting tool. Hook this up to our data pipeline from pillar one, and you’ve got yourself a self-serve analytics process with real-time data flow, analysis, and visualization!

By the end of this process we can’t guarantee that you’ll be running the 100m against Usain Bolt or catching the next big wave at the WSL, but you’ll be pretty close.

Contact us for your free, no obligation Analytics Integration (Ai) assessment. 

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Data Mining

Collect, cleanse and consolidate data on-prem or in the cloud

Data Collection & Research

gather data to answer
critical business questions

Data Cleansing & Consolidation

aggregate and clean disparate data sources to create a single, holistic view


enrich data with web-based, supplementary sources

Data Pipeline Development

build automated, on-prem or cloud-based data pipelines and warehouses

Advanced Analytics

Analyze and model data to drive business insight

Sales & Marketing Analytics

understand your customers, analyze product and brand performance, optimize pricing drivers and media mix allocation

Applied Analytics,

use predictive modelling, AI and ML to drive strategic and tactical decisions

Demand Planning & Forecasting

understand the size, nature, outlook and growth opportunities of a market

Market Research Analytics

measure the impact of changes in your market through choice-exercises, and identify optimal product combos with TURF

Reporting & Visualization

Develop custom data tools to make informed decisions

Simulation & Optimization Apps

simulate share changes based on customer preference, identify optimal product mix to maximize reach, optimize media mix to improve ROMI

Data Visualization Tools

let the data speak through automated,
online visualization tools

BI Tools

design custom web and mobile BI tools to
serve your unique requirements

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